hey. im Fran an i live in the UK. i love Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera and Ed Sheeran.
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seeing people stan for youtube “celebrities” gives me diarrhea

I don’t understand. What does this mean??

Maybe they meant ‘stand up for’??? Talking about the whole Pepper-man’s sexual assault prank video?? I dunno??


Then why not just say ‘stand’? what is that even in that context like, literally they stand up for them or standing ovation type thing?



Ok but I’ve always wondered in the solo movies of the Avengers, what the hell everyone else is doing in the meantime

Like during Iron Man 3 are Clint, Bruce, Natasha and Steve just like eating popcorn? Thor 2 they’re just, naaaaaah, looks like Big Guy’s got it? 

Tony’s watching this shit go down with SHIELD and he’s just 

"hey pepper, look fast, STEVE’S ON TV!"